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Bad New for Jets Fans

Looks like the Jets will be doing the quarterback shuffle. It may be more of a mad scramble. Chad Pennington, the Jets starting quarterback broke several bones in his hand and dislocated his wrist in yesterday's game against the New York Giants. He's expected to miss 12 weeks.

The Jets backup quarterback is Vinny Testaverde, a seasoned professional. But wait...didn't he lose his job to Chad? How many more seasons does Vinny have left? Evidently, Herm Edwards didn't think he had enough to warrant starting him. Third string QB is (drum roll)Brooks Bollinger, 6th round draft pick from Wisconsin. A Badger superstar and only the 7th player in that conference's history to rush for 20 career TD's and pass for 30. But, put it well, "NFL Experience: 0". Bollinger also sprained his knee in the same game Pennington was hurt.

The Jets need options. Fortunately, there's a lot out there. Among the out-of-work possibles are Jamie Martin recently of the Rams; Jeff George (despite personality issues); Elvis Grbac, currently in early retirement; Clint Stoerner, a former Cowboy; Todd Husak from their practice squad; and finally, Ray Lucas, last seen somewhere in Florida. There's actually a lot of talent on that list, although I've heard that Jeff George has already been cut from it. Maybe we could forward the list to the Panthers, the Cardinals and the Steelers - maybe the Falcons could use it with Michael Vick out for at least 6 weeks with a broken fibula.

The Jets finished strong last season winning a playoff berth by pounding Indiannapolis into the dirt before succumbing to the Raiders in a grudge match slugfest. What promised to be a bright season has turned dark and cloudy. Even if the options pan out, it might not be enough to overcome the dent to the team's morale. Nor enough time in which to do it.

On the bright side, they won the game.

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Thu Sep 14, 2006 12:37 pm MST by Arnold Fraime

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Thu Sep 14, 2006 12:37 pm MST by Arnold Fraime

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